Richmond Motor Group

Our Challenge

Richmond Motor Group (RMG) needed to maximise the impact of their digital marketing activity, a 16-site franchised dealership group retailing Škoda, Hyundai, Genesis, Suzuki, and MG brands.

The Black Lab digital MOT identified a variety of opportunities that could strengthen RMG's online presence. A dealership group of this size presents a variety of challenges. Ensuring the brand is present across organic search and performance marketing is essential, additionally identifying the different strategies needed to appeal to various audiences at numerous stages of the buying journey would lay the foundations of success.

The Solution


Black Lab implemented full in-depth audit (The Digital MOT) of all digital marketing activity as well as local competitor analysis, this document formed the base of a report where developments and opportunities lay that RMG could capitalise upon. Black Lab’s strategy across paid and organic search could begin to address these opportunities.


RMG had an inhouse PPC team handling the day today, however, due to the complexity and dynamic nature of the dealership group, they needed support. Working in a consultative manner, the Black Lab PPC team work closely with the inhouse RMG team to enhance the performance of the paid activity whilst streamlining the campaigns making them easier to manage. Black Lab’s strategic oversight with performance marketing also is now allowing an integrated strategy combining technical SEO, a creative content strategy and paid activity to all work in harmony. 



Organic search presented a number of opportunities, firstly addressing technical fixes allowed the site to achieve critical performance metrics which had previously held the website back. In conjunction our creative SEO strategy set about establishing an improvement in organic search results. Utilising various third party measurement tools, Black Lab have been able to identify and target content clusters that have made an improvement to the brands visibility in the areas around their dealerships.


Throughout this process, transparent and regular communication with the RMG team was maintained, detailed reports backed by third party data reassured stakeholders and kept all parties clear on progress. To further support the work delivered by Black Lab, a complete tracking set up to provide reliable first party data that can feed back into campaigns and inform decision making, future proofing the brand as cookies gradually disappear in coming years.

The Results

RMG have seen an increase in enquiries by 52% since Black Lab came into the fold, spend has been streamlined by a further 11% enhancing the performance of the activity.

“We’ve been very impressed with Black Lab’s approach and are pleased to be working with a team of specialists but also people that understand our sector. Black Lab have slotted into our team well and our regular meetings are helping us create change and move our digital presence forward to ensure we continue to give our customers the best experience online as they’ve come to expect in our showrooms.”

Alistair Lankester
black lab office