Our Challenge

Website migration from an SEO perspective can be fraught with pitfalls that can cause irreparable damage to a site’s rankings and brand reputation. There are countless studies of migrations that ignored the critical processes so it resulted in significant loss of organic search traffic, which can in turn affect a business's bottom line.

Having worked with AvailableCar for over a year, Black Lab was already a key digital supplier — with a new website on the horizon we were tasked to manage the website migration but also advance our SEO content strategies. We needed to deliver a smooth transition to the new website without losing traffic or rankings, improving AvailableCar's rankings.

The Solution


Black Lab implemented a pre and post migration strategy that was relayed to the key partners including the website developers and the client themselves.


Understanding the risks of migration, Black Lab conducted a thorough pre-migration audit, creating a roadmap that included a detailed inventory of AvailableCar’s existing site. From this we crafted a meticulous migration plan, emphasising a precise 301 redirect map to safeguard link equity. We overhauled AvailableCar’s SEO content strategy at the same time, optimising existing content and devising a plan to target key search terms vital to the business.


The new site was exhaustively tested by our technical SEO in a staging environment to ensure a suitable user experience. Post-migration, Black Lab’s vigilance continues with close monitoring of traffic and rankings, making swift adjustments as needed.


Throughout this process, transparent and regular communication with AvailableCar was maintained, reassuring stakeholders and ensuring alignment at every step.

The Results

Within the months of Black Lab’s AvailableCar strategy being implemented, rankings for the AvailableCar site improved. Updated, relevant content made the site more suitable for the major search engines to prioritise AvailableCar’s pages toward the top of organic search.

Black Lab was already a key digital supplier when I joined AvailableCar. I was pleased that we were able to build a strong working relationship from the start that over the last 18 months has delivered great results and supported my transformation of the digital infrastructure at AvailableCar.

Pam Murdock
black lab office

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