Black Lab: Giving Automotive Dealerships the Local Edge

Google research shows that 73% of all car buying journeys start online, with search trends indicating that people are seeking support during their purchase process. Ensuring your brand is visible during those “near me” searches is crucial. 

Our experience and own data suggests that automotive dealerships should aim to dominate the digital space within a 30 to 40-mile radius of their location to make sure they are more visible than their competitors. 

Establishing this presence not only solidifies your dealership’s brand awareness with potential buyers but also positions you as a leading voice in the local automotive landscape.

Data-driven approach to local SEO for automotive dealers

Automotive dealerships across various regions experience unique behaviors, buying habits, and language use. Understanding your local audience’s search behaviour and appetite is essential for developing an effective local SEO strategy. 

By analysing first and third-party data, Black Lab creates tailored plans that deliver results for automotive clients. We utilise advanced tools and systems, including cutting-edge AI, to collect and analyse data. This approach allows us to create long-form, human-generated content that resonates with your target audience.

At Black Lab, we manage several key areas that will enhance your local SEO: 

  • – Google Business Listings: Optimise and manage your dealership’s Google My Business profile.
  • – Meta Titles and Descriptions: Craft compelling meta information to attract local search traffic.
  • – Content Strategy Development: Create a strategy to capture organic traffic through targeted content.
  • – Long-Form Content Creation: Develop detailed, localised content that aligns with your SEO strategy.
  • – Localised SEO for Specific Areas: Focus on SEO strategies tailored to your dealership’s local market.
  • – Link Building: Establish connections with directories and high-authority automotive websites, locally.
  • – Digital PR and Outreach: Enhance your online presence through strategic digital PR.
  • – Website Technical Analysis: Conduct technical SEO audits and optimise site performance.

The Benefits of Mastering Local Organic Search for your Dealership

  • – Outperform Competitors: Gain a competitive edge in your local market.
  • – Increase Leads and Enquiries: Drive more traffic and generate higher quality leads.
  • – Enhance Brand Perception: Be viewed as a helpful and supportive dealership.
  • – Build Customer Relationships: Establish rapport with potential customers before they visit your dealership.

Why is Black Lab the Ideal Partner for your Car Dealership's Local SEO?

We have a proven track record of supporting large dealer groups, used car supermarket chains, and independent sites. Our goal is to increase your dealership’s visibility and drive more relevant traffic to your website.

Ready to enhance your local SEO and boost your dealership’s online visibility? Partner with Black Lab to develop and execute an effective automotive localised marketing plan.

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