What are Google Vehicle Ads?

This new type of ad is designed specifically for car dealers to leverage their inventory to appear directly in the Google Search Engine results pages. This ad format is performance focussed designed to capture potential customers who are actively looking the buy a vehicle. It avoids the need for users to search on third party platforms such as Autotrader.

The ads showcase dealer inventory with an image of the vehicle and critical information such as make, model, year, milage and price. The dealer’s name is also displayed. Just like traditional Google ads, the campaigns are targeted based on search users keywords, location and over time these campaigns can be optimised to develop leads or drive showroom visits.

Benefits of using Google Vehicle Ads for dealers?

  • – Attract qualified leads: Reach users actively searching for cars, increasing the chances of generating meaningful leads.
  • – Showcase full inventory: Promote all available vehicles, giving customers a wider range of options.
  • – Omnichannel approach: Target both online and offline conversions, driving traffic to physical dealerships.
  • – Measurable results: Track campaign performance and optimise bidding strategies based on data.
  • – Remove reliance on third-party platforms: With dealers capturing users at the point of their search, they can drive traffic and enquiries to their site in a far more cost effective manner than previously available on big listing sites.

Why use Black Lab for your Google vehicle ads?

As a specialist in automotive marketing Black Lab are the ideal partner to help dealers maximise this new format of ads. With a proven track record of supporting and delivering results for large dealer groups to used car supermarket chains to single site independents Black Lab can streamline the process of benefiting from this new ad format from Google.

How to use Google Vehicle Ads?

Getting set up and running on Google vehicle ads is quite simple, once you’re stock is connected to the ads accounts Black Lab can begin the process of managing the campaigns to drive the results. Each month your allocated media budget is used to target and generate clicks or enquiries.

Careful data analysis over time allows our expert team to optimise performance and ensure that the ads drive the relevant type of enquiries. Each month our clear reports outline campaign performance, opportunities and the steps taken to enhance performance. At Black Lab, we’re confident about the quality of our service; that’s why clients are not tied in with long-term contracts.

Embrace Google Vehicle Ads with Black Lab