What are Google Search & Display Ads?

These types of ad for the automotive industry are not just about placement – they’re about crafting a strategic, data-driven campaign that drives results. From precise keyword targeting and effective ad extensions to remarketing and dynamic ads, each element plays a crucial role in boosting car sales for your dealership.

Google Ads, are the adverts you see on the search engine results page (SERP). These car ads can be used by car dealership capture users who are actively searching for vehicles or related services through targeted keywords and terminology whether they’re in their location or further away. Performance marketing for the automotive industry also includes display ads, retargeting, and YouTube ads. When combined into a cohesive strategy, these tools can inspire, capture, and generate high-quality leads for car dealers and automotive brands.

How can Google Search & Display Ads help Automotive brands?

Search ads are invaluable for automotive dealers, enabling them to reach in-market customers and deploy a strategy to meet their marketing goals. Unlike SEO, PPC can deliver immediate results, allowing car dealers to boost local awareness and stay competitive in the market. The platform’s comprehensive tracking capabilities mean that performance can be analyzed and scaled as needed. With a well-managed Google vehicle ads campaign, car dealers can attract qualified leads, increase sales, and achieve their marketing objectives.

With a well-managed campaign, car dealers can attract qualified leads, increase sales, and achieve their marketing goals.

Benefits of Running Performance Marketing for Automotive Dealers:

  • – Generation of your own leads
  • – Generation of proprietary leads
  • – Cost-effective and easy-to-manage budgets
  • – Detailed targeting, including geo-fencing
  • – Data-driven decision-making
  • – Clear and concise performance reporting

Perfomance Marketing Services for Car Dealers from Black Lab

At Black Lab, we specialise in performance marketing for the automotive industry. Our team has extensive experience developing leads and inquiries for national car dealer groups, car buying services, new and used car dealers, leading finance brands, and vehicle remarketing businesses.

Whether you need complete management solutions or support for your in-house team, we offer the following services to our automotive dealer clients:

  • – Detailed audits
  • – Strategy development
  • – Sales analysis & data integration into ad platforms
  • – Competitor analysis
  • – On-page conversion optimisation
  • – Tracking set-up
  • – Comprehensive reporting

Partner with Black Lab for effective car marketing and Google vehicle ads that drive results and help your automotive dealership thrive in a competitive marketplace.

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