Navigating the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of automotive digital marketing can be challenging. It’s easy to get bogged down in daily tasks and overlook crucial details. A Digital Marketing MOT from Black Lab provides a comprehensive review of your digital channels and strategy, applicable for all automotive brands. Offering a clear picture of marketing performance with actions for optimisation, we can undertake the review whether you operate in car sales, car insurance, electric vehicles or are an OEM. 

Within our digital marketing health check,  you can expect a thorough audit. We cover everything within the digital marketing mix from SEO to paid social media, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

What is a Digital MOT?

A Digital MOT from Black Lab is a complete audit of an automotive brand’s digital footprint, from search engine rankings through to the performance of paid social media, Black Lab meticulously analyse activity to provide a candid and clear report that details the effectiveness of campaigns, providing tangible actions and next steps that can be employed to enhance the performance. A Digital MOT from Black Lab covers the following areas:

  • – Performance marketing (PPC, Display, Remarketing) strategy, account set up and performance
  • – Organic Search Rankings 
  • – Website performance and optimisation
  • – Paid Social media strategy and employment
  • – Tracking 
  • – Analytics performance
  • – Digital User Experience

Why is a Digital MOT useful for automotive brands?

It’s a health check, examining the bigger picture to uncover opportunities and areas for improvement.

Our team at Black Lab provide expertise not only within the realms of digital marketing support but bring over 15+ years of collective experience having worked with a variety of automotive brands across verticals which cover; car finance, automotive insurance, car dealerships, OEMs and more. 

Our team offer a range of perspectives from the forefront of digital marketing. By conducting an automotive campaigns review, we help brands increase leads, save money, improve efficiency, and surpass competitors.

What are the benefits of having an automotive Digital MOT?

  • – Provides insight into the performance of digital marketing
  • – Benchmarks against competitors
  • – Identifies opportunities
  • -Create efficiencies
  • – An honest and transparent appraisal

How does the process work?

For Black Lab to offer a precise assessment of your digital footprint and digital brand equity as an automotive brand, access to platforms like Google Ads, Search Console, and paid social channels is necessary. This is outlined in a discovery meeting where we discuss your goals and objectives.

With access granted and insight into the business, the Black Lab team can start exploring and dissecting the data to analyse the digital footprint of the business through various audits. 

The findings are then presented in a comprehensive report, highlighting issues, opportunities, and competitor performance, along with actionable steps to refine the digital marketing strategy for your brand. The report, when complete, will be delivered in a document and a meeting is organised to discuss the findings.

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