Why should brands use E-Commerce?

At Black Lab we help brands sell online, from creating a web store to growing it into a successful concern for a brand. If you’re still on the fence about whether to get online (even if you’re traditionally B2B sales) then perhaps consider giving Black Lab a call. To help sway you, we’ve created five reasons why you should go digital with your sales.

1. Grow a brand – with an online shop a brand can offer products 24/7, supported with customer service, customer reviews and outbound communications such as social media and email broadcasts. All this allows anyone with an internet connection to connect with the brand. It is also easy to test new products and receive direct feedback from customers on these products giving brands the power to understand what works.

2. Ultimate convenience – by being open every day, all day, organisations are not limiting their trading times to office hours. Not only is this great for shoppers but it’s also good for business. Whilst the business sleeps the online shop can be selling to customers when they’re enjoying downtime.

3. Reach new customers – no longer will the brand be limited to customers in their locality, E-Commerce allows brands to set where they sell. Nothing is stopping a brand from selling globally with little difference when compared to selling to a customer who is just ten minutes away.

4. New marketing channels – not only can the website help new customers find a brand, there is a multitude of other tools and methods available to organisations which are cost effective to implement and importantly are measurable with analytical systems.

5. Scale – an E-Commerce site can grow alongside the growth of the business, features can be added to a site as needed ensuring the site evolves to meet the needs of the organisation and the customers alike. The list of upgrades is endless, what this essentially means is that if brands wish to trial E-Commerce the cost to entry does not have to be expensive.

While we work across various E-Commerce platforms we are huge fans of the Shopify platform, find out more about why we love this system on our Shopify page, we like it so much that we’re even Shopify Partners!

If this has stirred your interest and you want to discuss anything with our team, get in contact today to find out how Black Lab can help you.


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