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Why customer retention is key

It’s all too easy to make a sale and move onto the next. A lot of companies fail to make the most of their existing customers, retaining them is key. If you think about it logically you’ve done the hard work, the customer has been convinced them that your product or service is good and that they should buy it. At this stage, they now need to be kept thinking that your company is great. Whether that’s through targeting them with relevant offers, utilising advertising tools or by engaging them with interesting communications you need to ensure they don’t lapse.

The above is easier said than done, there’s a lot to take into account. Initially, it’s always wise to evaluate your product or service; this will define how you interact with customers. A strategy needs to be driven by this, for example, some certain social media channels might work really well whilst others are best avoided. Are Black Lab we have created a checklist that helps us build an engagement strategy. Remember each client is different but using these points constitutes a good start:

Product/ Service
  • What is the product?
  • How often will it be purchased or consumed?
  • Are there any up-sell opportunities or accessories?
  • Who is the customer?
  • What is known about the customer?
  • What data is held on them?
  • Where do customers hang out / spend their time?
  • What do the analytics show?
  • When do customers shop? Mobile? Desktop?
  • Where do customers find us?
  • Are customer journeys tracked successfully?
  • What is the SEO score?
Current social and comms activity
  • What is the current customer engagement plans/ strategy?
  • Which channels work well?
  • Is there a current strategy in place?

By answering the questions it is possible to start building up a picture of the business allowing the best tools and mechanics to be employed to keep customers coming back. This picture defines the mix of tools, these can range from SEO, Adwords, Social media, ECRM, loyalty programmes and data splitting just to name a few.

Here at Black Lab Digital, we work with a diverse range of products and services. No one brand is the same, all requiring their own plans and strategies. If you need some help on taking your business to the next level Black Lab Digital is on hand to lend the support required.

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