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The Problem:

Smoking accessory brand, Bull Brand had been trading to both retail customers and consumers via their website since 2004. By 2015 Bull Brand owned a large share of the smoking accessory market and were listed in many national chains. However, a potentially strong brand presence was diluted by an out of date e-commerce platform, lack of social activity and tired customer-facing messaging. All contributing to an under preforming website.

The Solution:

Black Lab Digital stepped in to revitalise the e-commerce activity, creating a bespoke web shop built within the Shopify framework. This approach provided a simple and robust system that enabled the client to fulfil the management of the site. Creative elements of the site were designed from scratch and new products images were created. Black Lab also integrated ECRM systems so the customer database could be linked to the new ecosystem and used to drive sales.

The Results:

From a minor part of the business, the website has developed into a significant interest for Bull Brand, with loyalty systems in place and upsell opportunities, the average order value is over double the original figure. The site boasts a high conversion rate and an excellent returning customer ratio. All this has been supported with on-going social media support as well as  ECRM communications being broadcast on a regular basis. 

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