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Available Car


Available Car needed help, their PPC activity was inefficient and costing. They needed a partner they could work with and who wanted to understand their business.

Bull Brand


It was time to refresh and take the brand on a B2C journey to become one of the top online retailers of smoking products.

Aston Barclay


Digital awareness of the Aston Barclay brand is key for this auction group who have some stiff competition. Black Lab had a bag of tricks that proved the right tonic to their headaches.

Navana Property Group

Web design & Development

Navana needed to stand out, in an industry dominated by stuffy brands they turned to Black Lab to provide a statement website.

Ogden Radar

Web Design & Development

Like Ogden Radar’s customers Black Lab stepped in to do the heavy lifting. Balancing a variety of stakeholder requirements we created a site that would help take them international.  

St Pierre Group


Breaking into new markets and supporting retailers is never easy for brands. With some stunning video, Black Lab developed a digital awareness campaign based on detailed customer research.

Yorvik Homes

Web Design & Development

Premium family homes need to be shown off to the full. Yorvik knew their previous site fell short of the mark. They called in Black Lab for a helping hand. 

Equity Release Associates

PPC/Web dev

ERA needed a robust lead generation strategy with a partnerthey could trust. But firstly they needed a web presence.

Equity Release Associates

PPC/Web Development

As an off-shoot of a much larger equity release firm, ERA wanted to shake up the market. Working closely with Black Lab a detailed lead generation campaign was developed in conjunction with landing page creation that delivered tough results in a tough market.

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