The Paradigm of marketing

As agencies, we try and categorise our offering, and there’s a logic in that. It helps clients understand the services and what you specialise in. It also works to clarify internally what to focus on.However, it’s never quite that clear-cut when applying it to the real world. Here at Black Lab Digital, we’re certainly guilty of the above, we label ourselves as a ‘digital’ marketing service provider and certainly while it is the core of our business we offer a lot more services than just strictly digital marketing.What this demonstrates to us is that marketing isn’t a single channel or methodology. Clients deserve to have access to a wide range of services and solutions, ultimately no one size fits all, and while there is room for specialists, marketing agencies need to be able to supply the full spectrum of services. We have found that clients often turn to the incumbent agency for advice and guidance, it’s therefore important to be able to provide this support, creating solutions that solve problems.

A recent discussion with a client highlighted this; an Italian bike manufacturer wanted to increase sales to the UK market. The traditional route to market is to leverage a network of distributors selling directly to retail outlets. However, the web has opened up the opportunities which they’ve rightly identified, allowing them to sell direct and increase margins. However, after the launch of an e-commerce site, the client was left wondering why there was a lack of UK sales. After digging deeper, it became clear that no other work to promote the brand/ product was being done. The strategy was, if we build it, they will come. The result of this conversation was that a multi-level integrated plan was needed that engaged with the audience at various touch points. Many of these touch points were not solely digital but fused the digital and physical world to drive the desired action.

At Black Lab Digital we feel that this insight helps set us apart, we leverage our network of experts to deliver an integrated approach, whether that’s strategic planning or creative deployment we can make it happen. We’ve identified that the market is changing, faster than ever. Our ability to evolve ensures we remain relevant to our client’s challenges and needs.

Black Lab Digital is a full-service agency based in Ilkley, near Leeds. Taking a creative digital approach to develop solutions that blend strategy, offline and online techniques that make a difference to our clients.

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