So: let’s discuss how to market a care home 

Navigating the terrain of Digital Marketing may seem complex when considering the social care industry. Let’s explore the fundamental basics, essential digital marketing techniques, and proven strategies that propel care homes to unprecedented success. 

Why Marketing For Residential Care Matters More Than Ever

Overcome Challenges, Transform Your Business, and Secure a Thriving Future 

In an increasingly digital world, care homes face unique challenges. Mastering digital marketing is essential for your facility’s growth; being able to connect with your audience and their families can enhance your online presence and help you to stay ahead of the competition. 

According to 2021 census data, the number of care home residents aged 65 and over decreased by almost 4.0% — making sure that prospective residents choose your care home over anyone else’s has never been more important. Considering whether their loved one needs care services can be particularly daunting for families, residential care in the UK is fiercely competitive with every care home promoting themselves as the best choice. 

The question is: how do you convince prospective residents and their families that your facilities are the best when choosing a care home? 

Unravelling the Basics: Your Step-by-Step Guide

From Foundation to Flourishing: Mastering the Essentials of Care Home Marketing 

First off, it’s important to understand what you want to achieve with digital marketing. It it to increase your resident numbers? To build brand awareness? It could be that you just want a shiny new website to show off your care home. We understand that providing the highest quality care to residents can take significant resources; making sure that people can find your care home online shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Once you’ve decided the end goal, you can focus on how you’re going to achieve it. There are multiple ways to do this using digital marketing; with Black Lab this includes Search Engine Optimisation, Pay-Per-Click, Web Development and even Paid Social. 

Next, it’s critical to understand who your target audience is. Is it residents themselves or their families, or is it both? More and more older people are becoming technologically savvy as the years go by, so it’s possible that you may want to consider advertising to prospective residents individually. It could even be that you’re on a recruitment drive and want to attract new employees — your online presence really is critical when it comes to getting your business out there. 

By using digital marketing to its full extent, you can realise your business objectives, whatever they may be, and Black Lab can help you to achieve them. 

Make Some Change with Us

Overcoming Pain Points: Strategies for Success

Addressing Common Challenges in Care Home Marketing and Finding Solutions 

We know it can be daunting to dive into the world of digital marketing; especially if you’re not sure where to start. The social care industry has its own challenges to overcome, but by taking advantage of the opportunities that digital marketing can bring to your business, it can make all the difference in the world to your bottom line. 

We know how difficult it can be to build a brand identity, but by using the correct tools in the right way, making your care home a quality, trusted location needn’t be as hard as it seems. Black Lab fully understand these various tools and can help and advise you every step of the way. 

From increasing the occupancy of your care home to ensuring you have a platform to advertise as an employer, fully embracing digital marketing with Black Lab can take your residential care home to the next level. 

Digital Marketing Demystified: A Comprehensive Guide

Harness the Power of Online Platforms to Boost Your Care Home’s Visibility 

“SEO, PPC, Paid Social – what do all of these things mean?!” 

To a newcomer, digital marketing can seem full of weird acronyms and confusing jargon. Let’s break some of it down: 

  • SEO for care homes, or SEO in general is the process of making your care home’s website perform the best that it can, according to Search Engines such as Google or Bing. By taking advantage of Black Lab’s proven SEO specialists, you can make sure that when people search for “care homes near me”, your care home is near the top of the list. This could mean creating blog content, optimising your website or re-optimising existing pages to improve their performance. 


  • PPC is advertising, but not plain and simple. Advertising platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising allow businesses to pay a little, but potentially gain a lot by putting your adverts in front of the people who are likely to click on them. Our PPC experts can produce campaigns that retarget particular demographics, ages or locations to make sure your ad spend goes toward improving the occupancy rate of your care home. 


  • Web Development is perhaps one of the better understood aspects of digital marketing; curating a website that will underpin all that your business does. Your site is your virtual shopfront to any prospective visitors, so whether they’re interested in residential homes, jobs in nursing homes and care services in general, your website is the best place for visitors to find information. Having a website that is professional, that meets Google’s Core Web Vitals, and provides a good user experience are all factors that contribute to whether a visitor will pick up the phone and contact you. 


  • Paid Social Media is often overlooked as a means to generate good, quality leads. Whilst PPC puts adverts in front of people utilising search engines, Paid Social will put adverts in your customers’ Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn feeds with relevant Calls-to-Action that prompt them to reach out. 

Your Path to Prosperity: Take Action Today

Implement Expert Strategies, Drive Results, and Secure Your Care Home’s Future 

With Black Lab, you will partner with experts that truly care about your business. Our professional specialists have over 30 years of experience covering a wide range of different sectors, who care for your account and work hard to see it perform well.  

By equipping yourself with the knowledge and tools to revolutionise your care home marketing efforts through teaming up with Black Lab, you can elevate your care home’s success and ensure a thriving future for your business. 

Speak to us today — contact our team to discuss what you need to take your residential care home to new heights.