Should you use video?

In short, yes.

No matter on your industry or sector it’s a great tool to communicate your personality, complex messages and the detail behind your product or service. In a recent Hubspot survey, 97% of marketers reported that video has helped increase users/ customer’s understanding of their product or service. However it doesn’t stop there, the same report cited that 76% of marketers say that it helped increase sales by increasing dwell time on the site and provided a simple to consume medium for customers to understand their product or service.

Gone are the days of physical video formats; VHS, DVD and BlueRay are fast disappearing into the mists of time. Video content is now easier than ever to broadcast and access, embedding onto your website or pushing out via social channels is simple and makes it easy to find for viewers. Additionally, video production costs are now at a level making them accessible for most businesses. Generally speaking, the majority of organisations aren’t shooting the latest James Bond film, so while a good camera and some lighting certainly help, it’s now possible to film solid content on a decent smartphone. In fact, many well known YouTube bloggers film perfectly adequate material on their phones!

While, for a filming project, we usually gear up a little more than our smartphones, it demonstrates that for ‘live action’ filming you don’t need a crew of people. However, what if you can’t shoot with a camera. There are many reasons why this might be a problem, for example, your service or product isn’t physical, you don’t have the right props or environment to shoot in…the list goes on. In this instance, motion graphics can step in to do the hard work for you.

Motion graphics can be as simple or complex as you like or have available budget. Naturally, a more straightforward creative proposition, the smaller the budget that is required, coupled with a VO and a cheeky music track and you can have a video that helps convert those potential customers.

With any video, motion graphics or ‘live action’ we always work with our clients to understand the requirements and the budget to ensure we can deliver the best product to meet the project objectives. From a simple ‘live action’ shoot to complex motion graphic’s we’ve created it here at Black Lab Digital. Even if you do want the next James Bond production crew, we can pull our team together to give you a TV-ready solution.

Check out some examples of our video content:

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