Our Challenge

Over the years, Teamson's online shop had come unstuck. A platform held together with outdated plugins resulted in a website plagued with bugs — they needed a fresh start to help them manage their growth and provide customers with an e-commerce experience that matched the expectations of the brand.

The Solution


Given the size of the Teamson product catalogue and the need to have an e-commerce platform that was easily managed — Shopify was the natural choice.The platform was already utilised by the US arm of the business so overseas experience could be leveraged from within the company.


Black Lab started with a customised Shopify 2.0 template, building in e-commerce best practices and adapting it for Teamson’s specific client requirements. Sharing stock between the UK and four European locations presented obstacles; however linking with Shopify’s baked in stock location and currency conversion systems allowed Black Lab to deploy solutions effectively. Custom APIs for warehouse management and stock control were also implemented ensuring that customers could either pre-order if out of stock or, when possible, order immediately. When put together, this all ensured that Teamson’s converted visitors that landing on their website.


We increased Teamson sales by over 90% in the first three months.

The Results

Teamson were able to enjoy a refined user experience, increased conversion rates and a two-fold increase in their return custom. The site is far easier to administer and manage, with little low-level maintenance required thanks to the Shopify platform.

Working with Black Lab was a real collaborative experience, they were responsive and on hand to help facilitate the build of our new site. They worked closely with various colleagues at Teamson to enable integration with our internal systems and IT protocols.

Dani Mulliner
black lab office