Our Challenge

Conservation Agriculture is at the heart of Sumo's approach to manufacturing farm machinery, specifically seed drills and tilling machines. As a UK manufacturer, each part for every machine is made in the UK to their exacting standards. So, whilst Sumo had a great story, they needed to drive awareness and capture traffic, funnelling users through to their dealer network. Before Black Lab stepped in, their digital presence required some care; the target audience went through an elongated buying process that involved a long research phase and, in many cases, the customer wasn't going to be the end user. Therefore, a carefully crafted strategy was needed to hit the relevant audience with the right messaging.

The Solution

A ground-up approach was needed; Black Lab set about identifying the different audiences and building a paid media strategy that worked across Meta, Google (and Bing) search and display with retargeting ads all integrated into an appropriate customer journey with custom messaging to deliver the desired outcomes.

The first task was educating the target audience on the Sumo approach to conservation agriculture with multiple levels of messaging blending different ad formats across Meta and display. Additionally, the ‘made in Britain’ angle was supported with an in-depth factory tour video. With awareness drivers in place, Black Lab worked on capturing ‘search’ with a PPC campaign that not only focused on brand terms but also on broader related terminology, landing users on detailed landing pages. Black Lab supported Sumo with conversion rate optimisation on their landing pages to maximise traffic, ensuring nothing went to waste.

The Results

As part of our work, traffic to the site was up over 205%, with 41% more people visiting the dealer network page. Proving the relevancy of this traffic, conversions across the site increased by 93.9% – these conversions included sales enquiries, phone calls, book a demo, and find a dealer call to action. As a result, Sumo has reported more phone calls, requests for factory tours and, notably, an order book that is brimming.

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Services Used