Magnitude Finance

Our Challenge

Magnitude Finance are a well-known automotive finance brand specialising in performance and prestige vehicles. Paid search formed a large part of their lead funnel and they needed to ensure that their investment was being well spent. They needed a team that could handle the volume of activity and manage campaigns that needed constant adjustment to match the regular change in interest rates.


The Solution

Black Lab first carried out a full audit of Magnitude’s online ads so that we could have a clear picture of what needed to change. By linking the existing campaigns to Hubspot, Black Lab could visualise the performance of certain ads and improve them. By making data-informed changes, we were able to improve the efficiency of the ad spent, eventually improving Magnitude’s Return on Ad Spend. (ROAS)

The Results

With new insights showing how their new ad spend was producing increased, better quality leads, Magnitude Finance could be confident that they were getting the best ROI possible. With clarity on where their leads were coming from and path they took before turning into conversions, Black Lab later introduced remarketing campaigns that made Magnitudes account grow even further.

It’s a pleasure working with Black Lab, we work closely together talking every few days to manage our campaigns that have now expanded to paid social and display ads. The guys know their stuff and work hard on our account to help drive the results we need

Ed Legge
black lab office