Harry Hall

Our Challenge

Equestrian retailer and leading insurer Harry Hall’s Pay-Per-Click account wasn’t performing to the levels that they wanted; organic search and paid shopping ads also weren't generating a suitable return on investment. The account needed fixing — a review and ongoing management in order to get the brand ahead of their competitors.

Harry Hall's Pay-Per-Click account was falling short of expectations for the equestrian retailer and leading insurer. Despite their efforts, search and paid shopping ads were failing to deliver a suitable return on investment. To outpace competitors, the account urgently needed a comprehensive review and proactive, ongoing management.


The Solution

By modifying the type of campaign that they were running, Black Lab were able to reconstruct the way Harry Hall ran ads. A new-and-improved e-commerce campaign improved the efficiency of Harry Hall’s ad spend, making sure that the right adverts were shown to the right customers, at the right time. Using Google’s Performance Max campaigns, Black Lab could prepare content for use across multiple platforms and analyse results quickly with plenty of useful detail.

The Results

With the right content reaching the right people and a dedicated team to oversee their ad budget, Harry Hall could now have faith in their PPC account. The steps that Black Lab took helped to realise a threefold increase in the amount of traffic to Harry Hall’s site.

I thoroughly enjoy working with Black Lab, at the most important level, the team have delivered great results and they continue to do so. The way we work together doesn’t feel like a traditional agency to client relationship. They feel like an extension of my team, whilst they work hard in the background, everything feels effortless.

Lewis Wilkinson
black lab office

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