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Shopify is where it’s happening, forget the self build sites such as Wix or Square Space, they’re merely playing at ecommerce. Don’t fear, Black Lab will make your dreams come to life so you can make truck loads of hard cash.

Web shop build

We’ve leveraged the platform for many clients from a start-up to brands that have never sold digitally before. Black Lab is part of the Shopify Partner programme, giving us access to development platforms, specialised support and resources and access to the latest changes. It’s safe to say we’ve been there and got the t-shirt.

 Shopify Support

Even with a live Shopify there is still work to do. However, Black Lab doesn’t stop working when the site goes live. We’re able support webshops whether we have built or inherited them. You’ll get straightforward advice, we’re keen to make it work for you.

Black Lab & Shopify

We’ve worked with Shopify since version 1.0, we have history. We’re Shopify partners, working with clients on Shopify Plus down to the basic $29 gives us a breadth of perspectives. When working with us our clients benefit from:

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