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Black Lab Digital are a leading provider of PPC services and PPC campaigns for clients across the UK. We also have specialisms in all forms of digital marketing, but we have particular expertise in Google ads, Google Adwords, PPC strategy, display ads, YouTube ads, remarketing ads, and an array of other paid search advertising.

No PPC campaign is the same as another, which is why we provide a bespoke approach to every pay per click strategy we implement. Our PPC team use their experience and knowhow to make pay per click management work for you by boosting your search engine results and driving traffic to key landing pages with an effective PPC campaign. 

Google Ads.

YouTube ads.

We are the experts to guide you through the world of performance paid media. Our process ensures that we effectively spend you marketing budget.

Bing ads.

Google display network

Experience matters but so does understanding your business. By spending time understanding your wider goals we form a relationship. We want to make you look good. 

PPC Advertising

Client’s often look to PPC agencies like Black Lab Digital to help businesses grow and generate leads that can be converted to more sales. However, often these businesses don’t understand what their strategy should be; how does the blend of paid social, PPC campaigns and display work together to deliver leads and sales. 

It all starts with a data-driven strategy that allows ad copy and creative to be tailored to attract the right users. Some of these customers will be actively searching, whilst others will be nearer the top of the funnel. This is why having a blend of tools will gradually help you develop qualified leads. With detailed reporting and a careful approach to paid social, PPC and display campaigns can be optimised over time, which will increase sales and leads. 

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What to expect from PPC Management

When you choose Black Lab for your pay per click requirements, you can expect the very best in PPC advertising from a PPC agency with years of experience in PPC management.

Wanting to increase traffic to your website, particularly key landing pages, is part and parcel of PPC performance, and as a pay per click management company, we have a track-record of providing targeted traffic that matches your target audience.

All of our PPC management services are built around your requirements and marketing goals, and we make paid search effortless with comprehensive PPC advertising campaigns that boost your rankings and boost interest in your business goals.

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Specialists in PPC campaigns

At Black Lab Digital, we’re PPC campaign specialists with an unrivalled knowledge of pay per click management services, but how can we help you?

It all starts with a PPC audit, where we examine which approach will work best when it comes to your PPC management. This may include Google ads, PPC ads, YouTube ads, or even paid advertisements on social media platforms. Then, we feed back where we think paid search could benefit your business, and put together a plan that aims for your audience on all relevant search engines and platforms.

Finally, we discuss suitable spend and marketing costs for the proposed PPC strategy, before making a start and getting results.

Pay per click and paid search is complex, but years of experience makes us best suited to help you increase exposure to your target audience, not to mention boost your rankings with Google and Bing.

Digital Marketing you can afford

We are PPC management specialists, and with the help of a dedicated account manager, we take your PPC advertising to the next level with an approach that won’t obliterate your advertising spend. As a full service digital marketing agency with a specialism as a ppc agency, we ensure paid search campaigns increase brand visibility and delivered an effective digital strategy.

Using targeted keywords, attractive display ads, and a clearly defined marketing strategy that works, we provide cost effective paid search advertising to design successful campaigns. We’re a Google Partner for good reason, and whether it’s your first PPC campaign or your hundredth, we can deliver an ad campaign that works for you.

From display advertising to search advertising, paid advertising and more, we’re a leading PPC management agency, and we can get you higher in search results with our pay per click management services.

Ecommerce PPC services

Ecommerce organisations live and die by Google, and if you don’t have a strong web presence, paid search tools, or a strong marketing strategy in place, you’re losing out.

Driving traffic to your key conversion focused landing pages from the most popular search engine, Google, is key to any PPC marketing strategy for Ecommerce sites, which is why you need a PPC management expert to help. If you don’t pay per click PPC ads in place, or if your current PPC ads aren’t doing the job, you could be losing out on a massive amount of interest in your business.

We offer a range of PPC management services, and our Ecommerce pay per click management services are cost effective, eliminate negative keywords, and improve your brand recognition online and drive traffic to your site. This leads to more clicks, more enquiries, and ultimately, revenue growth.

With paid search advertising and an array of pay per click services available, we help you achieve your marketing goals with the perfect PPC ad campaign.

B2B PPC services

Paid search advertising is a fantastic way of boosting your business, regardless of the industry you’re in.

This means that PPC advertising services aren’t just for ecommerce, in fact, paid search advertising can be crucial for all kinds of B2B businesses, and can be a great way to help you stand out from the competition.

As a leading PPC agency, we have vast experience working on B2B PPC ads, as well as inbound marketing services. From paid search advertising to full PPC management, we can help you with a thorough, successful PPC ads campaign that helps you stand out from your competition.

Automotive PPC management services

Strong PPC management and properly utilising Google ads in the automotive sector can be incredibly important for the success of your organisation. It can be the difference between losing out on jobs and letting your competitors capitalise, and it’s hard to stand out if you don’t put the effort in. 

PPC advertising services can be hugely beneficial for those in the automotive industry, and as a PPC management agency, we have years of experience helping businesses in the automotive trade with PPC ads and paid search advertising campaigns.

By tapping into the Google display network with advertising campaigns featuring the very best display ads, we help boost your rankings in search results, and attract your target audience effectively.

PPC for automotive brands

PPC campaign management services

Our PPC campaigns and PPC management services are comprehensive, and as a PPC agency, we have a range of expertise with PPC ads, Google ads, paid search techniques, and more.

We make sure we always stay within your ad spend budget, and that all PPC management services we provide work towards your overarching online marketing objectives.

Paid search advertising can be difficult to get right, but we’ve got the experience, passion, and knowledge to provide the very best PPC management services for your business.

More than just a PPC agency

As well as being an experienced PPC agency, we’re able to help with your entire digital strategy, and have experience in all forms of internet marketing.

From SEO campaigns featuring in-depth keyword research and search engine advertising, to successful pay per click advertising campaigns that focus on search intent and provide a cost effective solution, we’ve got experience helping clients with all of the above and more.

So, if you’re unhappy with where you rank in terms of search engine results, need help with keyword research, YouTube ads, display ads, or anything at all relating to internet marketing, click the link below.

PPC Agency For Leeds and West Yorkshire

PPC agency, PPC management agency, pay per click company. Whatever you want to call us, our paid search ads and PPC campaigns help you reach your target audience and increase traffic to your website.

Our goal is to boost your brand awareness with successful campaigns that match your ad spend or PPC budget, and we have a track record of success when it comes to PPC marketing campaigns.

We understand how all the major search engines work, particularly Google, and our PPC specialists help you get the best out of your paid ads, successfully tracking PPC performance with detailed and relevant campaign metrics.

With experience across the digital marketing landscape, from paid search to PPC management and more, we’re best positioned to help you achieve your marketing goals thanks to the very best PPC marketing techniques.

Why work with a PPC Agency?

When it comes to successful PPC campaigns, you need the right PPC company at the helm. That’s where we step in. 

We have the expertise and paid advertising knowledge to boost your web traffic and brand awareness. With ad campaigns built around your ad spend and overall digital strategy, our PPC specialists make internet marketing simple and stress-free, and increase traffic to your website.

So, if you’re looking to bring your PPC campaign to life and need a PPC agency to help you achieve your marketing goals, you’ve come to the right place.

Social Media PPC agency

Social media PPC campaigns can appear across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. These platforms allow a more creative approach to creating content than search platforms such as Google and Bing because they can handle imagery and video. For example, we have seen Instagram ads drive fantastic results for clients; these qualified leads have been the right users, which, with a proper approach to CRM, have led high-growth companies to generate more sales. Unlike most PPC management agencies, At Black Lab Digital, we take a data-driven approach to generate leads and more sales for our clients.

A scientific approach to PPC campaigns

Our philosophy is scientific in PPC Management, combining mathematical concepts, user testing and smart data analyses to inform our decision-making and provide optimal returns on investment. While our Account Management reporting and results analysis aims to analyse every aspect of your campaigns, our focus is primarily on returning your investment. Having a comprehensive knowledge of your business means no ‘one size-fits all’ approach.

Get in touch with Black Lab Digital

Find out how our PPC team deliver effective PPC services that fit your business requirements by getting in touch with Black Lab Digital today. You can also find out more about our various digital marketing services, as well as the plethora of paid search advertising tools we can implement for your business.

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