Our Approach_

Step 1: Discovery

We start by working with you to understand your target audience and your business as well as your goals from the activity. We do this by speaking with you, reviewing analytics and analysing the competition. We get under the ‘hood’ making us experts on your brand.

Step 2: Strategy Creation

With all the information about your business and objectives banked. We create an approach to your business. We set initial goals to take us up to the three months then a further three month targets. Things will change but this gives you a benchmark of where we aim to be.

Step 3: Implementation

This is where we make things happen, we fire up the strategy to start developing results for you. During this time, things change and evolve, we adapt with you and the activity.

Step 4: Results time

We clearly outline the results of our campaigns with custom reports. We’ll talk you through success and pain points. There’s no hiding, we want to learn and keep building with you.

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