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Why are we talking about Ilkley? Well, we’ve been in Ilkley now for over a year and a half, while we work with clients all over the country, we also love providing our digital marketing services to more local businesses and organisations. The size of these businesses varying, as do the sectors in which they operate. So if you’re in Ilkley don’t be shy we’re always up for a brew and a chat with potential new clients to see where we can help them.

The great thing about working localy is that our approach of almost becoming part of a business is easier to effect, when working with clients in Ilkley we can easily pop in to discuss marketing tactics and strategies to help them meet their objectives. Recently we have created an e-commerce platform for a client in the Ilkley area that has increased sales by 614% in just over 18 months since launch! Simply put this was achieved by clear planning, investment in specialist knowledge and using in partnership to create what has become a dominant store in the online sector.

If you are in the Ilkley area and are looking for marketing services or digital marketing solutions here at Black Lab we can help you reach your goals, no job or client is too small, and we’re always happy to help a neighbour. So get in touch today!

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