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Equity Release Associates

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The Problem:

Equity Release Associates is a spin-off of a well known national equity release brand. The parent company has been going for many years and is highly successful at dealing with clients remotely. However, they identified a need in the market for face to face relationships with the prospective client and Equity Release Associates was born.

Designed to test the market, ERA needed a cost-effective website to handle leads, and a lead funnel developed utilising Pay Per Click.

The Solution

Black Lab built and deployed a lead generation site with specific landing pages created to maximise the efficiency of traffic directed to the site via Pay Per Click. The website was built with evolution in mind; as the activity progressed, it was envisaged that changes would need to be made to optimise the lead form and the landing pages. Additionally, linking up to Equity Release Associate’s API was vital to ensure campaign activity could be efficiently tracked and reported to better understand ROI.

With a brand new Pay Per Click account built and utilising the first iteration of the landing page, the campaign was quickly generating leads based on a conversion rate of 6.4%. Data gathering was critical; as this grew, it would allow learnings that could feed into campaign optimisations.

Equity release client with granddaughter

The Results:

The conversion rate had nearly doubled within two months, and the lead value was reduced by a third. However, there still were improvements to be made. Using tools such as Hot Jar, Black Lab constantly monitored the performance of the landing pages linked to the PPC account. Small, seemingly inconsequential changes were made to capture incremental gains, such as bolding text or changing a button colour or location.
The PPC campaign also significantly developed over the months. The data demonstrated that prospective clients over the age of 65 were higher value and more likely to result in completing an equity release application. Therefore this audience became central to our focus even though it was more expensive per lead. This approach developed a better lead value for the client providing a higher ROAS.

Due to external forces, Equity Release continues to be a challenging market for all involved. However, Black Lab remain a close partner with Equity Release Associates, delivering leads daily, which helps grow the business.

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