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Here at Black Lab, we love E-Commerce, we base a lot of our work around Shopify. E-Commerce is a principal revenue source for many businesses, selling direct to customers has many benefits from increased margins to be able to manage brand interactions at every level, not just relying on partner retailers.

Today customers expect to find and access products quickly and efficiently, while the high street has its place, customers are turning more and more to online shopping for its convenience, ease and flexibility. We’ve compiled five reasons why a brand should be leveraging the power of the internet:

  • Grow a brand
  • Ultimate convenience for the shopper and organisation
  • Reach new customers
  • Leverage new marketing channels
  • Scaleability

For a brand it can seem daunting when starting out on the E-Commerce journey, there are numerous elements to consider before the first product leaves the warehouse. Black Lab has a wealth of experience in introducing brands to E-Commerce, while we work on various platforms such as Magento and WordPress there is one we will always recommend to clients. This system is Shopify.

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Why Shopify

Our core reason for utilising the Shopify platform is its ease of use. Years of experience developing sites for clients has shown us that simplicity is essential and this is something Shopify has in buckets. Often simplicity means stripped back. However, Shopify has cleverly integrated a feature rich E-Commerce platform with an intuitive content management system which makes designing, developing and managing a webshop as straight-forward as possible for all parties.

The platform provides the designers and developers at Black Lab with a robust system in which to create bespoke and unique shops for clients which can be scaled to varying budgets. Out of the box functionality from Shopify means that even clients with limited budgets can have a site that meets best practice codes, is secure and looks stunning for a relatively small investment. At the same time, for larger brands creating a class-leading store can be achieved while retaining the easy to use content management system and features associated with Shopify.

For the admin user, running the website on a day to day basis, the process of managing customers, fulfilling orders and updating the product catalogue happens with ease. The clean and logical content management system can be easily grasped even by the biggest technophobe allowing daily tasks to be quickly and efficiently managed.

Black Lab and Shopify

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We’ve been working with Shopify since version 1.0; Shopify is now on version 2.0 which while not sounding much of a change demonstrates near ten years of working hand in hand with the platform. Version 2.0 was the product of a second round of over $100 million investment which resulted in the immensely usable platform we have today. We’ve leveraged the platform for many clients from a start-up to brands that have never sold digitally before. Black Lab is part of the Shopify Partner programme, giving us access to development platforms, specialised support and resources and access to live development platforms.

Black Lab Shopify clients

We’ve got some happy clients who love their online stores built around Shopify. Not only do they find the stores easy to manage and use but are also seeing the financial benefits with sales increasing each month. It’s important to remember once the store is live that there is still work to do. However, Black Lab doesn’t stop working when the site goes live. We can drive sales and build the digital footprint to support the success of client’s webshops.

If you’d like to discuss your web shop requirements please feel free to contact our team.

Our Clients

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