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E-Commerce and the importance of pictures

Online sales are getting increasingly important for companies, however unlike the necessary investment required for bricks and mortar shops sometimes firms naively think online is a quick, cheap and easy way to sell products. Yes, the assertion that selling online is cheaper (speaking broadly); however, it doesn’t mean you can scrimp on the elements which make up the store. From design to development it all takes time and money. One element which is often poorly executed or overlooked and is a bugbear of ours are the product shots. We’ve seen it all from grainy or out of focus shots and in this day an age having shots like that can lose you sales online – fast.

It is important to think logically about the product you’re selling and how much detail you’ll need to show. If it’s a bottle of washing-up liquid you’ll need to think differently compared to if you are selling hand-made handbags. With a product of this nature, you need to think carefully about your product description and the images you need to capture. The general rule of thumb is that the more high-quality images you can show a customer the more likely they are to buy. In the case of our hand-made bag, detail shots will help demonstrate the quality whilst lifestyle shots will help customers understand the physical size of the product; helping them envisage themselves with the product. The more you can do to minimise product surprise (or shock) upon delivery the better you’re doing!

Photography across any website is important and it’s something here at Black Lab we always recommend clients invest in during website development or brand collateral production. Like anything the sky is the limit in how much you spend, we have in-house capabilities for simple products or shots. However, should your product require more attention we often bring in a specialist photographer who has the required knowledge and skill to make your products stand out. For example, if we’re shooting diamonds in a studio we’d need a different photographer for shooting a clothing brand lookbook outdoors to ensure we get the best results. From our base in Ilkley, Yorkshire we can handle most requests and we have a wide range of experience in supporting photoshoots. From working with celebrity chefs to shooting products which sell for pennies, we can do it all.

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