Digital revolution and the power of data

These tools provide a means to reach people in a variety of different ways, and whilst the Omni shopper/ marketing principle has been touted as the defacto way of approaching activity and campaigns I would argue that activations should be tailored to your targeted customer rather than a ‘spray and pray approach’.
For some brands working in real time using SMS or push notifications will work well in driving the desired outcome whilst other clients will benefit from slower release methods such as email and targeted mail. It cannot be underestimated the power of a properly targeted mailer which intelligently uses data to acquire or reacquire a customer, especially if they’ve lapsed and can be tempted back with an offer. Charles Tyrwhitt the shirt and suit retailer, do this incredibly well, they merge customer data from online and in-store sales to target specific customers based on the products they buy and the propensity to purchase regularly; often with a final last shot aimed to get customers back using high-value discounts codes. Amazingly this clever data system is finally all completed with…a piece of mail. Contrast this with Majestic Wine’s use of data, like Tyrwhitt’s they use direct mail and have a clear understanding of the products purchased by each customer but at no point do they tailor their communications or encourage customers to revisit the store with personalised offers. These are just two examples of good and bad uses of data using what for a few years have been dubbed old tools, however, it demonstrates the blend of data and physical print can bring about desired customer actions. Everything needs to be tailored to your audience, that’s why here at Black Lab we’d always advise working through and planning a strategy because with the power of data and integration you can drive real ROI.

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