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Automotive brands need to build a strong online presence, however, for many it’s not their area of expertise. Many have a marketing manager in place, yet their breadth of knowledge may not extend to delving into the detail of how the brand is performing online and whether that is driving real value for the organisation. Time and time again when working alongside car dealer groups, it becomes clear that the support from a team of specialists would help transform the marketing.

In order to cut through the noise, Black Lab start with a Digital MOT, essentially an audit. To provide the best solution, it’s important to understand how the business is presenting online.

What is a digital MOT?

Black Lab are experts in digital marketing services, like Pay-Per-Click, Paid Social Ads and Search-Engine-Optimisation, these tools are used by car dealers, automotive groups and other brands in the automotive sector to reach customers in market to buy their vehicles and services.

The benefits of successful digital marketing are many, however, the key metric should boil down to sales. Does you activity help you sell more cars? If you’re at all unsure on the value any activity is delivering, you need to stop and begin to analyse it.

At Black Lab we’ve helped many car dealers analyse their current digital footprint and understand the value that any activity is delivering for them. In many cases we identify that automotive dealers as over spending or not spending the right place. Our Digital MOTs dig into the detail, we look at the following areas to establish how a brand is performing online:

  • Pay-Per-Click – our team of seasoned automotive PPC experts carefully analyse the ads account providing a list of recommended changes or areas of improvements.


  • Search Engine Optimisation – most automotive brands need to own the organic search space locally, few do. However, Black Lab look across technical and local website performance to highlight where there’s opportunities waiting to be capitalised on.


  • Paid Social – often overlooked by car retailers, Black Lab analyses the current activity and provides an outline of where in market customers can be targeted.

The results, a detailed Digital MOT  in plain english that highlights the fails and advisories that are holding an automotive brand back. The document is also discussed during a review call between the Black Lab experts and the brand.

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'I see results every month, I'm not sure the Digital MOT will help.'

It’s true, most of our clients did feel like they got some value from their digital activity. When probed none of them could accurately pinpoint where, how and when, it was just a feeling they had. Often clients referred to vague and confusing reports that looked at the wrong data. The Black Lab approach will provide a transparent analysis of all activity, the honest appraisal will highlight the good, the bad and the opportunities. If there’s any questions on taking the next steps, Black Lab can help too but let’s not get too far down the road first.

How did it work for the Richmond Motor Group?

The Richmond Motor group has 16 dealer locations across the south of England, as a franchised dealer for Skoda, Suzuki, MG and Hyundai they naturally retail a blend of new and used vehicles. The group were already active across paid channels and knew their organic position could be improved. They invited Black Lab to perform a Digital MOT across paid and organic channels. After delving into the detail Black Lab established that there were significant gains to be made within the paid activity; compression of the Pay Per Click ads campaigns, budget redistribution and adjustments to the audience targeting would all help maximise the spend and enhance the returns.

On the topic of organic search, Black Lab identified a number of website performance issues holding the site back whilst locally, aside from the Richmond Motor Group brand, visibility was low. Black Lab identified a strategy to pursue localised terms to capture in market customers looking for specific vehicles. Following on from the Digital MOT, the Richmond Motor Group have continued to work closely with Black Lab to support on their PPC and SEO activity.

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