Can Social Media Help E-Commerce?

Can Social Media be helpful for improving and driving E-Commerce? It can be a minefield, it’s easy to spot the brands who are doing it well but actually to implement it for your own business can be a tricky process. Being based in the beautiful Ilkley, there’s no shortage of inspiration for Social Media here at Black Lab Digital, Social Media Strategy and Management is one of our core services and one we’ve used to help grow our client’s e-commerce traffic.

Why Use Social Media?

Before you even venture into the paid media available on the social channels, the various platforms provide an opportunity for you to speak directly to customers, entice people your products or services, give the inside scoop on what’s going on and build a community. Most people immediately think of Facebook and Twitter when Social Media is mentioned, however, the list of potential sites is a long one. Some other core channels include:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Live Journal
  • Whatsapp
  • Google +
  • SnapChat
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Stumbleupon

The above list is not exhaustive, there are literally hundreds of social media channels, all providing something different, targeting slightly different groups of people. This list also doesn’t cover the thousands of specialised forums used by millions of people each day.

How to Approach Social Media?

Each channel is unique, some work really well for some businesses whilst they just don’t fit for others, therefore before diving in, brands need to consider why they’ll use a specific channel and do their customers actually hang out there. At Black Lab Digital, when working with a client on social, we always take a step back and make recommendations of which channels to pursue. The development of a strategy is recommended to create consistency and also help plan out how a brand will communicate to fans on the specific channels. Often content can be used cross-channel but it must be tailored to each individual channel ensuring it resonates with the customers and remains relevant.

We Can Help!

We’ve got a huge amount of experience working on a variety of different Social Media campaign types. From working with celebrity chefs to online retailers we’ve used Social Media to work hard for our clients. If you’re starting to think about firing up social activity or want to refresh your approach make sure you contact the Black Lab Digital team.

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