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The Problem:

AvailableCar had a Google PPC account that needed attention; years of various account managers had resulted in a disjointed and inefficient account. The client was unsure of how effectively the media spend was being utilised. While they knew it was driving some results, it was unclear how efficient the individual campaigns were working; the client wanted to regain control.

The account needed stabilising, analysing and a complete rebuild. After a deep dive into the business and account, we created a plan and strategy that would minimise disruption.

Step 1

Lean and Clean: By leveraging the existing account, we cut out any wastage without impacting business enquiries.

Step 2

Rebuild and refine: With step 1 complete, the account was wasting far less money but was still not correctly structured. To drive maximum performance for the client, we needed to structure the account based on the locations of the stores, the makes and models as well as implementing learnings from the ‘lean and clean account’. Breaking the down the account into manageable sections would allow for more in-depth analysis and further refinement. From this point, we could build a long term strategy based on data allowing us to grow out the pay per click activity where there is commercial viability

The Results:

While never a cost-cutting exercise Black Lab Digital has managed to reduce account spend by over 50% and increased the account’s performance. By working closely with Available Car, goal completion, enquiries and duration on site have significantly improved. The activity has stretched to employ Bing Ads and the Google Display Network and create reactive campaigns based on external factors.

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