Why is tracking so important for automotive brands?

Keeping an eye on the pounds and pence is essential in any business but one as competitive as automotive, it becomes critical. Tracking campaigns and managing spending are often overlooked, but with Black Lab, you’re in safe hands.

When running any form of marketing, measuring the effectiveness of the spend is important to create a figure for ROAS – also known as return on ad spend. Not only can this figure help dealers set benchmarks and KPIs to measure future performance against but it also effectively help define budgets.

Tracking platforms with correct goals and values in place will help brands marketing digitally measure the effectiveness and attribute marketing spend. Whilst implementation of server side tracking provides marketers with their own first party data to feedback back into marketing platforms to further refine campaigns.

How can Black Lab help automotive brands with tracking and Attribution?

Whether running marketing campaigns or providing in-house teams with support, Black Lab will always advise that tracking is appropriately set up. After understanding the goals and values of leads, Black Lab can adjust or undertake a complete tracking set-up. Increasingly important is the employment of server-side tracking; with the decline of browser cookies during 2024, the implementation of server-side tracking provides brands with the data that will ultimately be lost, allowing digital marketing campaigns to continue effectively.

What are the benefits of a comprehensive tracking set-up?

  • – Ownership of data collection
  • – Clarity on performance
  • – Enhanced optimisation of marketing campaigns
  • – Custom reporting metrics
  • – Future proofing data collection
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