Why tracking Digital Marketing is so important for Automotive brands

Keeping an eye on marketing spend and tracking digital marketing performance metrics is critical in the competitive auto dealership landscape. Managing campaign effectiveness and monitoring spend is often overlooked, but with Black Lab’s expertise in dealership marketing support, you’re in safe hands.

Measuring the effectiveness of marketing spend is essential for calculating ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). This metric helps automotive dealers set benchmarks and KPIs to evaluate and improve future performance. Accurate tracking enables car dealerships to understand marketing attribution, which is crucial for defining effective budgets and making informed decisions.

By setting up tracking platforms with the right goals and values, brands can measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns and attribute marketing spend accurately. Server-side tracking provides marketers with valuable first-party data, enhancing the ability to refine and optimize campaigns.

How can Black Lab help automotive brands with Tracking and Attribution within their Marketing?

At Black Lab, we specialise in automotive advertising attribution and marketing measurement, to enable dealerships to have effective and data-driven digital marketing that translates from offline to online. 

Whether running marketing campaigns or offering in-house dealership marketing support, Black Lab ensures that your tracking is set up correctly. We understand the importance of precise marketing attribution and measuring digital marketing performance for automotive brands. Our team will tailor tracking solutions to your goals, including implementing server-side tracking to maintain data accuracy and integrity, a challenge for some brands following the the decline of browser cookies in 2024.

What are the Benefits of a Comprehensive Automotive Tracking set-up?

  • – Ownership of Data Collection: Control over your data for accurate marketing measurement.
  • – Clarity on Performance: Clear insights into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • – Enhanced Optimisation: Improved ability to optimise and refine digital marketing strategies.
  • – Custom Reporting Metrics: Tailored reporting to track digital marketing KPIs specific to your dealership and catalogue
  • – Future-Proof Data Collection: Ensures continued effectiveness of marketing’s digital performance despite changes in data privacy regulation for the automotive sector
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