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The Problem:

Aston Barclay needed to increase awareness with trade car buyers; being the third largest auction house in the UK, they had a good profile. Without a coherent digital media strategy, they were left behind the competition.

The Solution:

Activity for Aston Barclay needed to increase visibility; at the same time, it must remain relevant and timely to the target audience. Based on this, Black Lab developed an initial two-phase approach to establish a structure that would allow us to deliver results. The first phase encompassed an initial refinement of SEO, implementing tracking, and creating a PPC and GDN campaign. After this initial data gathering period, we launched phase two. This involved expanding the reach to drive awareness of auction activity, segmenting data to target specific audiences and retargeting whilst further enhancing activity on the Google Display Network. Additionally, paid social was added to the mix, reaching highly targeted audiences across their social platforms.

The Results:

Whilst campaigns are constantly evolving based on the sales schedule. We have seen higher rates of engagement, an increase in online trader account sign-ups and positive feedback from car brands based on the support shown by Aston Barclay regarding their brand-specific sales.

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